The Gods are a collective entity that drive the entire game.

They grow more greedy with every land chunk generated.

Sacrificing an object at an Altar will please the gods. Various objects please the gods differently, say, an Apple Pie will please the gods more then an Apple.

When the season is over, the Gods will react to your sacrifices in various ways. If you barely sacrificed anything, they will be angry. If you sacrificed just enough, they won't react. If you sacrificed a lot of things, they will be happy.

When the Gods are angry, they do two things, one from each list:

Major Effects

  • (Revealed with a notice saying "THE GODS HAVE SET FIRE TO YOUR PATHETIC FOREST, MORTALS!) Set fire to 15% of your plants
  • (rare, Revealed with a notice saying ">:]" )Set fire to all plants of a specific kind (such as Bananas or Apples)
  • (rare, Revealed with a notice saying "THE GODS HAVE BEEN LEFT UNHAPPY FOR TOO LONG. THE WORLD COLLAPSES.") Close the server. Requires a Death Ratio of 1:1.
  • Nothing

Minor Effects

  • Lower max stamina by 1
  • Lower max thirst by 1
  • Lower max hunger by 1
  • Nothing

When the Gods are happy, they add anywhere from 1-5 land chunks depending on how happy they are, and do something from this list:

Note that the Gods are also affected by a Death Ratio counter. Rare events are more common the more unbalanced this Death Ratio is, for example, Max Thirst and Hunger are more common at 1:3 compared to Setting Fire to All Plants being more common at 3:1.